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GasGiant offers quality LPG conversions on almost all types of vehicles, which is fueled by unleaded petrol or diesel. Dual-fuel LPG systems allow a vehicle to operate on either LPG or unleaded petrol and can almost double a vehicle’s range. The petrol tank still remains in the car and the driver can switch from gas to petrol or vice-versa. Converting vehicles to Autogas Is quick, safe and affordable.  *Terms and conditions apply

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The LPG used in vehicles is a blend of propane and butane gases with chemical and physical properties that help vehicle performance in terms of power, versatility and engine functioning. It burns without leaving any carbon residues in the engine that might cause premature wear, lengthens the lifespan of spark plugs, valves and pistons and keep engine oil n good condition for longer.

Most petrol engines are suitable for LPG conversion and the majority of LPG kits can be completely integrated with the existing fuel and engine management systems of modern vehicles, allowing you to switch between two different fuel types if necessary. The great benefit of a dual fuel system is that when an Autogas filling station is not available, you can switch your vehicle back to petrol at the click of a button. Having two fuel tanks also allows you to increase the kilometres covered between filling up.

GasGiant offers quality conversions and your new car warranty remains intact unless the LPG conversion directly causes the problem. LPG systems are so reliable that more than 1 million LPG systems have been factory fitted by automobile manufacturers around the world. Our LPG systems are fitted with a myriad of safety devices and design considerations. Pressure relief valves, automatic shut-off systems, back check valves, and heavy gauge steel tanks are amongst the safety features employed.

Tests have shown that Autogas emits:

  • 10-12% less CO2 than petrol
  • 53% less NOx than petrol
  • 120 times less small particle emissions than diesel

Benefits of using GasGiant LPG in vehicles:

  • It is a non-toxic fuel that vaporizes when released from pressurised conditions, so it poses no risk to water or soil resources.
  • Gas will dissipate into the air, whereas petrol and diesel will sink and puddle (no contamination to underground water sources).
  • Due to less carbon build-up, spark plugs last longer and oil changes are needed less frequently.
  • Less corrosion and engine wear when compared to petrol.
  • Lower harmful gas emissions decrease the cost per km travelled.
  • Increase business profitability by decreasing vehicle running costs both on the fuel/gas consumption and maintenance cost of the vehicle.
  • Decrease CO emissions by up to 30%.
  • According to the European Gas Association, gas-fuelled vehicles emit 99 % less particle emissions than those running on diesel.
  • Vehicles running on gas were 120% to 180% better than petrol and 2000 % better than diesel.

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""We have been with GasGiant for the last four years and they have always gone above and beyond in both the quality of the product they deliver and the service they provide, from the drivers all the way up to the CEO.""

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