Customised Household and Commercial LPG Installations

GasGiant offers professional installations of any type of domestic and commercial LP Gas appliances. We offer SABS-approved quality on all equipment, piping and fittings used and every installation carries a one year workmanship guarantee.

Quoted prices include fittings, connections, regulators and material that are to be used, as well as a with a Certificate of Conformity (COC) on workmanship and quality.

Installation Regulations:

Please refer to the adjacent installation diagram or contact us for any advice if you are not sure about the legal requirements or safety standards of your installation.

A – Any LPG installation needs to be separated by a minimum distance of 1 meter away from any door or window.

B – Any LPG installation needs to be separated by a minimum distance of 2 meters away from any drains or air vents.

– Any LPG installation needs to be 3 meters below a second story window, if necessary, unless a non combustible canopy divides the installation and the window.

D – Any LPG installation needs to be separated by a minimum distance of 1 meter from the property boundary, unless the boundary is secured with a fire wall. If the installation exceeds 2 x 48kg gas cylinders, it must be distanced 3 meters from a boundary without exception.

– Any LPG installation needs to be separated by a minimum distance of 5 meters away from any switchable electrical points, i.e plug sockets, main power, switch boards etc.(excluding light switches) or a minimum of 1.5 meters below any second story locations of such points.

– Only Class One or Class Two copper piping and/or approved gas piping may be used in a gas installation, absolutely no plumbing piping or pvc.

– Any copper pipe work extending through a wall or partition needs to be sleeved.

– Flexible gas hose used in any installation may not exceed 2 meters and is not allowed to go through any wall or partition.

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